Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Gaming comes to a end... almost.

Just FYI... since my retirement and new activities, my gaming has become almost non-existent. So probably won't be seeing too many game post from me anymore. Still play occasionally, mostly SB Pro PE and Combat Mission series, single player... some racers and shooters on Xbox One... but pretty much done, moving on... had a great 30+ years of gaming, all started with a TRS 80, then a Commodore 64/128, then onto PC's, then the Sega consoles, and then Xbox's.

Best game ever played... newest is The Witcher 3, before that was Red Dead Redemption, and then before that for a long time, Longbow 2 from Janes Simulations.

Worth a mention, the Battlefront Combat Mission series, and the tank sim, Steel Beasts Pro PE.

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